“When you have an issue or issues that are preventing you from the freedom of enjoying your life, shine light on them, don't hide them away. With Megan, this can be done in the most comfortable, confidential and nurturing way supplying you with fresh hope for your valuable future. What Megan offers is actually difficult to put into words as it is more special than that; if you were to create the perfect person who could be there for you to not only listen to you but to support you on your journey, draw from you much needed feelings and self-awareness, then you will have created Megan.  The only question you will have after meeting with her is why it took you so long to find her.”

Dan, Bondi, former client

“After my first appointment with Megan it was clear how highly skilled she was.  In a very gentle way she picked up on a part of me that could take months to surface and suggested an approach to think about over the following week. I walked away knowing I was in good hands. As a therapist Megan brings intelligence and intuition to her work and creates a safe space to explore and learn.  She helped me through a very traumatic time in my life and I am grateful that she is available to other people in need.

We are lucky to have her.” 

Tracey, Bellevue Hill, former client


0449 961 958

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