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Supporting You Through Loss

The death of someone close to us has a profound effect on every aspect of our life. It is not something we ever "get over" yet it is possible to lead a meaningful life  even as we continue to grieve.  Megan has many years experience working with people through their bereavement and end of life challenges.


Dealing With Stress

In this busy world we need to find ways to destress and find time to stop and smell the roses. Mindfulness means slowing down in order to pay attention and become aware of what is most important to us.  This will help us to become more effective in all areas of our life.


Deepening Self Awareness

Deepening our understanding of ourself allows us to become more fully alive and to make more authentic and positive choices about how we want to live. It enables us to reach out to others when we are vulnerable and and also allows us to support others with kindness and compassion.


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0449 961 958


0449 961 958

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